Technical Characteristics

                       LxBxH (mm)    1.800x2.350x1.300

                          Voltage (V)    380

                   Frequency (Hz)     50 

                        Power (KW)    1,1

                 Capacity (m/min)    up to 3000

           Working width (mm)     2.200

          Working length (mm)     900









Mini Slotter is used for longitudinal scoring and slot cutting on cardboard panels, in order to get required shape of cardboard box. Cutters can be mounted on mini slotter, which can perforate holes or different shapes (round, rectangular, handrails, etc.), in dependance of tools set up.
Mini slotter is mostly suitable for big series, because this is big capacity machine, and complete box shape is developed in one pass through the machine. Due to big capacities, putting cardboard panels in the machine is automatic, with conveyors.

All active components of mini slotter are made of high-quality steels with appropriate heat treatment (improvement, hardening, etc.), and finished treatment (grinding), and also coated (browning, polyurethane paints).
Warranty for this machine is 12 months, repair service and spare parts are provided even out of this time period. Corresponding technical documentation is delivered with the machine.


I - Mini sloter


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