Technical Characteristics

                       LxBxH (mm)    2.500x850x1.250

                          Voltage (V)    380

                   Frequency (Hz)     50 

                        Power (KW)     0,75

             Capacity (m/min)     up to 80

           Working width (mm)     2.200









Machine for cardboard scoring and cutting, and also machine for cardboard slotting are basic machines for production of transport (American) boxes, especially for big-dimension boxes.

Scoring (cardboard folding) is performed by passing the cardboard plate through four pairs of scores. Machine works continuously, and the operator puts cardboard plates manually. Since the machine has four pairs of scores as tools, and one pair of circular cutters, it can cut the cardboard at the same time when scoring, or it can just cut or just score. 

This machine is produced in various working widths, in dependence of customer requests: 2.000mm, 2.200mm, 2.400mm, 2.600mm. 

This machine includes Certificate of Quality, corresponding Technical Documentation, and also 12-months warranty, repair service and spare parts are provided. 


I - Bigerica


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