Technical Characteristics

                       LxBxH (mm)    2.300x1.100x1.100

                          Voltage (V)    380

                   Frequency (Hz)     50 

                        Power (KW)     0,55

                 Capacity (m/min)    up to 300

           Working width (mm)     850









Mini Roller Stamp Machine belongs to stamping-machines group. Therefore all characteristics of stamping machines apply for it. However, mini roller stamp machine has cardboard format limitations (B1 format), so this machine is most often used for special products (refreshers, pads, smaller boxes, etc).

Roller stamp machine tools include plate with cutters, that have identical configuration with the requested end-product. Cardboard stamping to specific shape and measure is performed by setting up cardboard plate on tools, and pushing them together to rolls (with their own drive), until the rolls accept them. The result is requested cut-shape. 


I - Mini rolštanca


Čelik SZTR
36216 Novo Selo, Vrnjačka Banja, Srbija
T: +381 (0)36 633.055

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