Technical Characteristics

                       LxBxH (mm)    3.165x1.920x1.300

                          Voltage (V)    380

                   Frequency (Hz)     50 

                        Power (KW)     1,65

             Capacity (passes/h)     up to 400

           Working width (mm)     1.400

          Working length (mm)     Infinite







Combined machine without holes perforation is used for longitudinal and transversal scoring and cutting slots on cardboard panels. The machine does not contain device for perforation of holes, neither holding construction for this device. It is mostly used for production of transport boxes. Combined machine is served by one worker, it is therefore suitable for smaller factories. All transversal adjustments on the machine (length of transversal score and slot depth) are done mechanically, while longitudinal parameters (distances between transversal scores, slots and holes) are done by using PLC. 
PLC memory can contain parameters for 10 boxes, and if needed, these can be applied and used again.  Besides PLC, machine has frequent regulation of work speed, and all active parts are made of high-quality materials with all necessary characteristics and heat treatments. Besides standard machines (technical characteristics given) we can also offer bigger-dimensions machines, i.e wider operation possibilities. All machines have Certificate of Quality, 12-months warranty, repair service and spare parts are provided. 


I - Kombinovana bez probijanja rupa


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